Private privacy services for the masses - we NEVER log !-
This is Slaytanic We host services .
You will love them. Contacts:
  • Email: nihil73 (at)
    My Public GPG Key here: 0xF8126039
    Key fingerprint = FEA6 BC32 75CB E873 7C1D 8C88 D355 7FA9 F812 6039
  • XMPP: kaos666 (at) potu7aaoitlajnxc.onion

  • Host: irc://zcwim2nb37auvzds.onion
  • Port: 6667 (NO SSL)
/join #TheName, i'm "nihil73" feel free to contact me :) !
  • Host: xmpp://potu7aaoitlajnxc.onion
  • Port: 5222 (TLS_REQUIRED)
  • Our "Jabber Server" has "LogLevel" parametre set to 0, we don't want and we'll *NEVER LOG* your origin's ip
  • We encourage OTR plugin use in your jabber client
Rules: Please be aware that there are a few rules to be kept in mind when using our server:
  1. This server is private property (i pay 4 it) - respect it.
  2. This place is for mature, productive people. Others are requested to leave.
  3. This is a digital country, leave your own laws at home.
  4. Do NOT advocate violence except for direct self-defense in the public channels.
  5. Child Pornography will be reported to authorities
  6. We don't log your conversations and your origin ip either!
Notes: Please keep in mind:
  • Use Tor
  • We strongly encourage to use an OTR-capable IM client for private chats
  • A "torified" VPN is nearly ready. Just few things to sort out
  • Same for webmail